Every bride deserves the perfect dress. For some, the perfect dress means the same one Kate Middleton wore as she walked down the aisle on her wedding day. For others, the perfect dress is the one their moms passed down to them. Everyone has their own version of a perfect wedding dress, and it is not always easy to find what you love and that fits right off the racks.

Ask anyone who has been through the process of purchasing a wedding gown for their big day and they are likely to have some frustrating stories to tell. From countless trips to different bridal stores, to trying on endless varieties of pre-designed dresses, and ultimately having to settle for a less-than-perfect gown; having the dress of your dreams is actually not a far-fetched reality.

The solution? Custom wedding gowns.

As the old saying goes, “If you want a thing done well, do it yourself.” If you can’t find your perfect dress off the racks, why not design and create your very own? Here’s how custom wedding gowns measure up:

They’ll always be a great fit. 

Having your wedding dress custom-made means that it will be constructed according to your measurements. It doesn’t matter what size you are or what body type you have, you can rest assured that your custom wedding dress will fit you perfectly. This is particularly convenient for people who find it difficult to fit into standard retail sizes and fittings. And since the dress is made to measure, you will be able to save on trips to the tailor as no alterations will be required.

You get to design every detail of your dress.

The very nature of customized items is that you get your say in how you want them done. Ordering a custom wedding gown means you have full control over the design and construction of your perfect dress. From choosing the fabric of the dress, to the color, all the way down to the lace embroidery, all the details are completely up to you. Combine different styles, tweak existing ones, or come up with your own unique design. It is your dress, afterall.

You’ll be saving time and money.

Deciding on getting a custom wedding dress from the outright will save you from innumerable trips to different bridal stores and the time-consuming process of trying on countless pre-made dresses trying to find one that fits. This will leave you with more time to focus on other details of your special day.

While some argue that custom dresses are an exorbitant expense that they can’t afford, here at Onovian, we cannot emphasize enough that every bride should be able to afford a dress that she really loves. You don’t have to compromise on the quality or design of your wedding gown. Customize your perfect dress with us at an affordable price and walk down the aisle in the dress of your dreams.


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